Aged in used, charred bourbon barrels, our whisky is processed in the lighter, traditional Canadian style. Through careful distillation and fermentation, we crafted a remarkably smooth and complex whisky. Deep, elegant with spicy characteristics, we have selected a well-balanced example of a classic Canadian whisky.

Where We Start.
A Premium Base.

The displine in making the right whisky.

The Right Chemistry.
The Right Balance.

Our vision for SAP56 was to develop a fine whisky liqueur that is perfectly balanced. Our experienced tasters panel went through many rounds of sampling before agreeing on this final, exquisite recipe. Pure syrup, prized for its flavour, colour and clarity is crucial for our winning formula.

The Maple Ingredient

Just the right maple makes the right taste. While there are ten species of maple trees native to Canada, Quebec's sugar maple is widely believed to produce the best maple syrup. We begin our harvest in Spring at the optimal time, working in harmony with Mother Nature. Our process of selecting the best maple trees to yield the highest quality maple water is extremely important to us as well as respecting nature’s complexity.

The Essence of Our Land
Now The Soul of Our Spirit.

The 56 days of harvest and boiling maple water make for an incredibly sweet, pure maple syrup. With a robust taste and dark amber color our Grade-A syrup is a pleasing hint of candied sugar. 


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