SAP56 pairs exquisitely aged Canadian whisky with Grade A maple syrup.

Over a 56-day period of harvesting and processing maple water, our passionate artisans crafted an incredibly pure maple syrup as part of our special formula. Through masterful distillation and preparation we created a smooth flavored whisky with distinct notes of oak and a touch of maple sweetness. Classically crafted and refined for the discerning palate.

“Nature is not a place
to visit. It is home.”

Gary Snyder

The Harvest

We begin our harvest in Spring at the optimal time, working in harmony with Mother Nature. Our process of selecting the best maple trees to yield the highest quality maple water is extremely important to us as well as respecting nature’s complexity.

Made in Québec, Canada

The origins of maple sugaring are steeped in legend. We owe this tradition to native Canadians who began the practice long before Europeans arrived in North America. With the utmost respect for our legacy, from the great Canadian maple trees in Quebec, we bring you pure Grade-A maple syrup.


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